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Health Insurance Overview

Why not let Mercer research the market, work with you in selecting the right plan designs, and assist you in managing your employee benefits including group health insurance?

We have experience working with hundreds of lawyer firms just like yours. Right now, we cannot offer “special” association benefits, but we can make sure that your benefit plan is cost effective and provides the benefits that you need to run your practice! There are hundreds of different plan designs, utilizing different provider networks from the major health insurers. And we offer one stop shopping. If you are currently offering a group health insurance plan, we can become your broker by way of a broker of record letter and you can begin to utilize our services with or without changing your current plans.

Due to the new Executive Order regarding health care, legislation may change to allow true Association Health Plans (AHPs) to reemerge in the market. As they become available, we will make these benefits accessible to California Bar licensed attorneys.

Regardless of the legislative environment, we can find the right plan at the right price for your practice. Reach out today for more information. We look forward to working with you! 

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As you may know, an Executive Order regarding health insurance was recently issued by the President. The order directed the Department of Labor to liberalize federal health insurance rules that could allow the formation of Association Health Plans (AHPs) across state lines. These plans would not have to offer all of the Essential Benefits mandated by the ACA, and potentially enable Association Health Plans to be treated as large employer plans not having to comply with each specific state requirement with respect to individual and small employer offerings.


Rules for AHPs were proposed in December 2017 and February 2018. Following their release, there has been a comment period. Currently, no changes have been determined for this year’s open enrollment period for individual and family plans.


We will carefully follow the rulemaking process. There are obviously many questions and open issues to be resolved, but we will use our extensive experience in developing and managing successful and compliant Association Health Plans, as well as Mercer’s overall industry leading health plan expertise, to explore every opportunity to create health insurance solutions that provide value for our clients.

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Healthcare Reform

From healthy young adults to senior citizens to individuals struggling with chronic diseases, the effects of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) will be far-reaching for licensed attorneys. As of January 1, 2014, new regulations will provide most Americans access to health insurance that covers essential care. Attorneys need to understand the impact ACA has on them as individuals as well as employers. You’ll need to evaluate how ACA influences your medical insurance buying decisions and the impact the change will have on your employees.


One thing is for certain: the amount of healthcare reform information available to absorb is overwhelming. While much of the following may not be new to you, we hope to provide licensed attorneys with the information and guidance necessary to help review the decision making process that lies ahead for their practices, their families and their employees.


For more information on Healthcare Reform, please visit


Employer Required Notices

Employers, whether they provide health insurance to their employees or not, must distribute notices to their employees advising them of the existence of the new state health insurance exchange and the potential availability of subsidies to assist with the purchase of health insurance. The notices are required to be distributed prior to October 1, 2013.


Federal regulators released model notices, copies of which appear below, that employers can provide to employees to satisfy the federal health care reform law notice requirement. Among other things, the notices from the U.S. Department of Labor — one for employers who offer a health plan to some or all employees, and one for employers who do not offer a health plan — explain how exchanges will operate, and that certain conditions will have to be satisfied for employees to obtain federal premium subsidies to purchase exchange-provided coverage. Employers can provide a link in the notice to a Department of Health and Human Services website,, for information on specific state exchanges.


Employers who offer health plans

Employers who do not offer health plans