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Why do so many California licensed attorneys choose this program?


The State Bar of California-Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance Program is offered by AMBA, nationally recognized and with deep roots in placement of Lawyers Professional Liability (LPL) insurance, and underwritten by Arch Insurance Company, the LPL insurer of the Program for 20 years.



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Protect yourself with State Bar sponsored professional liability customized coverage




How do I know if this is the right program for me?


As a California attorney, you know that professional liability coverage plays a vital role in protecting your firm. Without a smart and effective protection program, even a completely baseless claim can be devastating, especially to a small firm or solo practice. Fortunately, this program offers customized risk management tools that could assist in the potential prevention of claims, and vigorous defense that will support you if you are named in a lawsuit. You’ll be confident that the leading experts of attorney malpractice in California will be with you every step of the way.


Policy Options

  • What types of policies are offered?
    • Standard Policy (Full time and Part time) on an Admitted basis
    • Corporate or Moonlighting
    • New Admittee
    • Arbitration/Mediation
    • California Lawyers Economic Justice

In addition to outstanding service, price and protection, the following features are also part of the program:


Data Breach Protection — You’ll receive up to $25,000 in coverage — at no additional cost —for expenses relating to a data breach, as well as expert consultation on how to manage your situation.


Risk Management Website/Loss Prevention Hotline — This complimentary suite of online resources will help you manage your professional liability risk. Access to expert counsel, including advice on strategies to help minimize your risk of a claim.


Satisfy your MCLE requirements with a voucher for California Lawyers Association online course library.


Cyber Liability — This optional protection, extended for a competitive fee, helps protect you and your firm from huge exposures created by an unauthorized release of confidential data.


Complimentary California Lawyers Association (CLA) membership and specific section options. Gives you a one-time CLA membership, with the option to purchase access to up-to-date information on developments in specific law fields (sections).



Specialized in Protecting California Lawyers - Like You - For More than 40 Years



Who is Arch Insurance Company?


Arch Insurance Company has been the insurance carrier for the State Bar of California-Sponsored Professional Liability Program for 20 years. They know which cases were won, lost, or dismissed because of meritless claims, if your firm is named in a potential lawsuit.


Arch Insurance Company has tailored the rates to reflect the real-world risk of smaller firms. It all adds up to a professional liability program that delivers the most value for the money for California licensed attorneys. Why not see what it means to you?



How do I Apply?


A representative can answer any questions you might have in making a decision to purchase this insurance. Request a quote by completing our Online Application.

An AMBA representative will contact you to provide a premium quotation and assist with completing the purchase of your Professional Liability Insurance policy. Why wait? Request a quote today!